Tuesday, February 26, 2013

....And We're Back!

It's been a little more than a year since my last blog post and I'm ready to get back in the game!  During a recent trip to the bookstore with an old roommate of mine (and after browsing through many books entitled the _____'s wife), I received the suggestion to write a book about the life of a linewife.  That's when the little lightbulb in my brain click on - Oh Yeah! I have a linewife's BLOG!  

I feel that I should explain my extended absense...  Without going into many details, my beau and I had a split in early February last year and as you can probably imagine I wanted nothing to do with lineman related materials.  As of late May last year Drew and I are back together and as of September we are planning a wedding!  I thought that the title of this post was especially important since this is my return to blogging, as well as being back together with my (now) fiance, AND we are living in Dubuque, Iowa - where I lived for four years prior to meeting Drew!

We are experiencing something new in our traveling life because of our location; we are living in an apartment!  Unable to find any RV parks open for the winter nearby, our only options were to commute an hour or get a place in town.  Let me tell you, finding a dwelling that is available to rent on a short term basis (we agreed to sign a 3 month lease) and allows pets (because of our adorable daughter-dog Shiloh) is no easy task.  In fact, we were only able to find two options; an third floor walk-up apartment above a bar downtown and a crooked little creepy house sandwiched in between two others in the ghetto.  Considering I spend most of the time at our place by myself I opted for the apartment - bar or no bar at least the building is locked and accessible to only residents.

 Dubuque is a beautiful hilly and historical city in northeastern Iowa.  It is situated right on the Mississippi River across from where Wisconsin meets Illinois.  Besides having friends who live in town, being within an hour from where my parents live, and knowing the area, we are also getting married in Dubuque so living here is convenient for wedding planning purposes.  Unfortunately, Drew sees most of the downsides to living here.  He still has a bit of a commute to work and is disliking greatly working in the cold and nasty Iowa winter we are seeing this year.  Also, this job is 11-12 hours a day and 7 days a week so we don't see a lot of one another outside of dinner and bedtime :( .  I, myself, have just finished my degree and will have a little extra spare time to contribute.  I've decided to try to find a job since we will be around for a couple of months at least (wedding are EXPENSIVE!).  Ideally, I would be able to putz around crafting and creating things to sell online or find one of the be your own boss jobs like Mary Kay, or Scentsy that I actually believed in enough to pursue.

I have been making some things in my spare time over the past few months.  I did some painted letters for a family friend when she had a daughter and they seem to be catching on with her friends and coworkers.  I make a few sets and a couple cutesy little signs and sold them for Christmas presents.  I would love to be able to find more interested parties to make them for.  I've also been getting back in to crocheting and have gotten started on the ever so popular amigurami.  A couple of friends of mine have little girls that like the owl theme so I wanted to make them as gifts.  Any linewives out there make a living on the road or have any ideas of what to do when traveling?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

I've been living a traveler's life for 6 months now and have recently been amazed by the differences you find from state to state.  Living in the South has introduced me to new speed limits.  Living in Washington has taught me new terms such as berms, jojos, and fridge stickers.  And, basically living outside of Iowa has shown me (the most important thing!) what the difference really is between Hardee's and Carl's Jr.  <--You Iowans know what I'm talking about...

I lived in New Mexico for a couple weeks last June and on my way there from Iowa I began to notice the speed limits getting higher and higher the closer I got.  At the time I didn't give it much thought besides, "Sweet! Now I'll get there faster!"  After returning to Iowa for a visit though, I began to wonder, "Why are the speed limits so much slower here?!" Perhaps it's because there is less chances of having to follow a tractor down the highway, perhaps it's because there are less deer out and about on the roads (although, there are other animals which is assumingly the reason for a day and night difference), or perhaps it's a result of the differences in weather; Iowa sees more variety and extreme changes in temperature and precipitation causing slick roads and poor driving conditions.  I can't say for sure, but I assume that New Mexico doesn't experience such extremes.  I also experienced these speed limits in Middle West Texas which experiences much the same weather as New Mexico...

Since I've been living in Washington, I have heard the use of some terms which sounded foreign to me.  One day going out to eat with a group of friends I noticed an item on the menu which was an option for a side, jojos.  "You don't know what a jojo is?!" they all exclaimed.  Turns out, jojos are potato wedges.  And, (at least from the experience I had with them) poorly seasoned and soggy potato wedges at that!

Berms are perhaps the most confusing thing that I've learned of all.  A berm is a snow pile to put it simply.  I'll explain it a little more detailed in order for you to better understand why I am so puzzled by them.  Say you have a one way street with three lanes.  Imagine what would happen if it snowed a good amount and the plows only cleared the two outer lanes; this is what they do in Washington and this is how a berm is created.  They are very dangerous and lazy and make absolutely no sense to me!  I found this picture on Google to show you why they are so hazardous.

One other term I heard used the other day was "fridge sticker".  Any guesses what this is?  It's a magnet!  This one wasn't all that puzzling for me, just something I've never heard before and thought was worth a chuckle.

Last and certainly not least (for those of us with significant others that are Carl's Jr. fans and just don't get it) is the difference between Hardee's and Carl's Jr.  I'm going to foreshadow this by saying that I'm sure there are many more differences than I am going to mention but this is the reason that I prefer Hardee's.  Carl's Jr.'s menu is missing THE most important item that Hardee's offers...and this is the Hot Ham 'N Cheese!  Beyond this, Carl's Jr. has waffle fries instead of curly fries (wtf mate?)!  For Drew, who likes the big burgers and such which are offered by both, it makes no difference but I have a solid reason to exclaim that in the  Hardee's vs. Carl's Jr battle Hardee's is the WINNER!!

P.S.// I have always heard that where you live in the country will determine whether you use the term pop or soda.  Well, I haven't notices any determined preference in the areas I've been but I'll keep you posted!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Let's Go on a Journey!

I have never understood bloggers before.  A few of my friends have and follow blogs and I always wondered what kind of fascinating lives can people possibly have to be able to come up with something to post daily (or even weekly).  I had always had the kind of life before where my posts would consist of, "Today, I had Panda Express for lunch!" and I couldn't fathom putting people through the monotony of reading about my average life every day.

Then one day I met the man of my dreams, fell in love, and moved into his fifth wheel to live and travel with him. My life is now full of endless possibilities!  The only thing I could possibly want for is a girlfriend or two to share the journey with.  That is why I've decided to document my travels (as well as random thoughts and activities that happen in a traveling, trailer livin' life!); in hopes that someone who now lives that monotonous life I once lived can be inspired and live vicariously through me.